We have started production of protective face shields to help prevent the spread of pandemic. This initiative is the company’s response to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) currently in the market, particularly during Italy’s Phase 2 lockdown, where certain activities are permitted only when using adequate protective devices. Production will run in parallel with Tecnam’s ongoing aircraft manufacturing activities.

We are also pleased to provide a transparent device able to let everyone’s smile be visible once again! Last but not least, we hope this will contribute to a quick return to flight activities for our pilots, passengers and flight-training organizations.”


This website is reserved to final customer only. If you want to Resell or Distribute our product see here https://tfs.tecnam.com/resellers-distributors/

For larger order see here : https://tfs.tecnam.com/large-orders/

NEW! Our Extra Vision Face Shield

We designed a new version of the renowned TFS-15.
The XV is more sleek, and gives you more lateral vision increasing the total Field of View. You can choose between transparent or tinted lens.